KAINO STONES (KS) a  Business Unit of Kainovative Pvt Ltd is proud to be recognised as India’s largest growing and foremost exporter and importer in the architectural world of Stones & Granite.

Kaino Stones a unit of Kainovative Pvt Ltd is committed to offering a broad and multiple range of unique and exclusive natural stones and facilitating the ideal choice of material in architectural world and also for the purpose of elevating living spaces. With over 150+ colours spanning across a plethora of designs & quality, the collection is nothing short of a phenomenal statement of style

Since its inception in 2020, it has been the only company to supply more than 10 countries. KAINO STONES (KS) a unit of Kainovative Pvt Ltd is also the biggest supplier of natural, quality and exotic stones & granite. An ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015, 45001:2018 certified company. Kaino Stones (KS) is headquartered in Lucknow and operates with multiple country offices.

“We are committed to fullfill your dream stones in most affordable prices without compromise the quality and specifications.”

Each slab of stone and granite is furnished to impeccability with the sole purpose of elevating living spaces and also for architectural world. Widely used for internal as well as external purposes, Kaino Stones (KS) has making a milestone with its unconventional designs redefining the attractiveness of design.

The sales and the distribution network is strong and widespread not only in India but globally as well. Although we are working hard for flawless distribution globally. We at Kaino Stones (KS) are committed to always staying ahead of the curve and providing you with the best products.


India has been the centre of attraction for the world for its culture, prosperity and architecture. Our aim is to contribute in reinstating India’s majesty by being contributory in engineering the future virtuoso of the architectural world and living spaces.


Be the architectural maestro in identifying the best marble at the far corners of the world, we strongly believe that quality is the key to achieve excellence. Putting this thought into practice, we constantly exploring new ideas, latest technologies, innovation and sustainable techniques. We work towards adopt change, pursuing growth, building a positive team by developing our work culture, our brand, business planning and strategies.


At Kaino Stones (KS), it’s not just our corporate decency but a belief that we take utmost care to meet the needs and expectation of our customers, partners and employees, whether it is in terms of bringing the finest quality products, providing best services and making the work culture conducive.